Sell Your Vehicle

Whether you have a Car, Boat, Truck, RV, Motorcyle, Powersport or some Heavy Equipment to sell, Private Party Sales can help you get it sold!

There are many benefits to selling your vehicle with Private Party Sales. There is NO commission, NO consignment fee – nor do we take a percentage of your sales price. We simply license you a parking space which puts all the money in YOUR POCKET!  

Used cars are always in high demand. The best way to get the most for your vehicle is to sell it yourself. The old way usually involves strangers coming to your house to check out your vehicle, which can be a little scary or lots of annoying calls from people asking questions and setting up appointments they never show up to.

At Private Party Sales, we take care of that for you. We offer a professional, safe and highly visible location to put your vehicle on display. Our process is simple: We license you a space of your choice on our lot (based on availability) to showcase your vehicle. We’re located at the corner of 91st and Grand Ave in Peoria, AZ where up to 25,000 cars pass by every day. Buyers come to Private Party Sales to look over all the vehicles on the lot without any pressure of a salesman. Once they are ready to take a test drive or make a deal, they give you a call directly and because it is a private party sale, there is No Sales Tax, which means they have more money to spend on the vehicle they want.

Registering ahead of time for Private Party Sales on line is highly recommended – but not required. You will receive a $25.00 discount for registering online ahead of your arrival. You can also register on site but the process could take longer and there could be a wait. Once you arrive, we will check you in and have you park in the space you chose when you registered. We will tag your keys, make sure your vehicle’s information sheet is in the right place and park your car to sell.

Be sure to check out our checklist page for additional details.

Buying A Vehicle

When looking to buy a Car, Boat, RV or Motorcycle, Private Party Sales is the place to make your purchase!

There are NO consignments, NO commissions, NO salespeople and saving the best for last… NO SALES TAX. There are NO fees or charges whatsoever to buy a vehicle here. All vehicles are for sale by a private party that has leased a space from Private Party Sales. These are private party sales, not a dealership. We generally expect to have hundreds of vehicles at any given time and the selection is constantly changing. We welcome you to come down and check it out for yourself, as used vehicles need to be seen in person to determine further interest. Being able to look at 100’s of vehicles at one location often speeds up the buying process and many buyers find they like a different car much better than the one they originally set out for. Private Party Sales allows you to look at vehicles and only speak with the seller if you are truly interested in that vehicle.

Private sellers license a spot to bring their vehicle to Private Party Sales. Placed on a side window, you will find the vehicles information with all of the details you want to know including year, make, model, miles, price, equipment and the owner’s contact information. When you find a vehicle you are interested in, our staff is on site to open the vehicle and you will be allowed to start it. Our staff is here to help, but please keep in mind they have no knowledge of the individual vehicles and are not permitted to provide their personal opinion nor in any way sell a vehicle or offer advice, so that you won’t feel any pressure. If you have additional questions about the vehicle, want to request a test-drive, or make a deal, you will call the seller directly at the phone number posted on the Vehicle Profile Sheet.

How It Works


  • Deal directly with the seller to purchase your next vehicle
  • All vehicles are For Sale by Owner
  • No Salesmen – No Commission – No Consignment – No Sales Tax
  • We can accompany you to unlock a vehicle you are an interested in
  • You contact the seller directly if you have questions or are interested in buying the vehicle
  • You call the seller directly to arrange a test drive
  • We will have the necessary documents for a sale on site
  • We provide an office space that is safe with video surveillance to complete your purchase


  • We license a space to for your vehicle to be for Sale by Owner
  • We advertise your vehicle on our website with 20 photos
  • We are here to show your vehicle for you
  • We will keep the outside of your vehicle clean
  • We will have the necessary documents for a sale on site
  • We provide an office space that is safe with video surveillance to complete the sale of your vehicle

Sellers, so here is how it works…

  1. You license a parking spot from Private Party Sales for a car at $325 for 30 days ($300 if you register online ahead of your arrival)
  2. We bring buyers to the lot to look at your car
  3. When a buyer is serious about the purchase or wanting a test drive they contact you directly
  4. We will have a room for you to make the deal that is safe and secure with video surveillance
  5. We will have all documents on site that you might need to complete your sale at the AZ MVD
  6. We are so confident in this program, that if your car doesn’t sell in the first 30 days, we will give you another 30 days for FREE (must sign up by June 30th)


Our pricing is based on the type of vehicle you are selling and the location you chose to lease to display it on our lot.

If you register online, just bring your on-line confirmation page and your vehicle summary page. If you arrive without your confirmation page. see one of our staff members on the lot. Remember registering on line is easy and will get you a $25 discount. Space licensing representatives are available to assist you with registering for your spot from 9AM-5PM Monday-Saturday.

Our lot is open 9am – 6pm Monday through Sunday, 7 days a week.

All vehicles on the lot are on our website. There are vehicles that may be here one minute and then 20 minutes later could be sold. We understand that this may not be ideal for far-away buyers, but we have 8 acres and it can be extremely difficult to keep up to the minute stats on a vehicle that is sold by a private party. 90% of buyers end up buying something different then what they set out to buy originally. You have a lot that you can walk around and look without pressure from a salesmen, without sales tax and with a HUGE variety of vehicles to look through.

Yes, many of the vehicles sold at PPS still have loans. Because all lenders deal with payoffs and releasing the vehicle’s title in a different manner, we recommend contacting your lender to find out what their specific process will be.

When you pre-register on our website you are picking a spot that you would like your vehicle to be displayed. All customers must follow directions and park in their chosen and assigned space.

No. Salvage title vehicles are not permitted at Private Party Sales. If a seller displays a salvage title vehicle in violation of our policy, it is usually found very quickly and removed from display immediately, without a spot licensing fee refund to the seller.

You are billed every 30 days. If your vehicles sells in the first 30 days you must log in and cancel your spot so there is no reccuring fee the following month. If you sign up to park and sell your vehicle on the 10th of the month you will be charged again on the 10th of the following month if you do not mark your vehicle as SOLD or cancel your spot. You can easily mark your listing SOLD or cancel at any time by logging into your account on our website.

Anyone can drop off the vehicle, ID’s are checked at vehicle pick-up. The account holder on our website can be either the registered owner of the vehicle or an authorized agent. Just enter the name in the “Additional Authorized Agents” section during registration, making sure that the registered owner’s name is in one place or the other. Either way, the important thing is that the person taking calls, representing the owner or adminstering any portion of the offering or transaction has authorization by the person currently listed on the title to sell the vehicle on their behalf. Also list anyone else that may pick-up the vehicle under “Additional Authorized Agents” during registration.

Sell Your Vehicle For Free!

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